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Welcome to the website of the Court Reporting Intern Book. The best resource for individuals breaking into the Court Reporting world. Buy it as a gift for your grad, or for yourself as the best way to start your new career!

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I served my first internship under Kathie, and to this day, after 13 years of reporting, I still hear her voice in my head at times, coaching and encouraging and teaching me (thank goodness she has a peaceful and melodious voice). Yes, I’ve paid the occasional parking ticket rather than EVER ask counsel for a break to move my car. Kathie’s tips are well worth paying close attention to, because many of them cover the not-so-obvious (I had a highly allergic attorney thank me recently for not wearing perfume to a deposition), and interns and soon-to-be reporters will find her suggestions to be invaluable. If you want to be the most professional and successful intern/ reporter, this is a must-read.

Louise R. Bell, CCR


I am so pleased that Kathie has finally written a book that speaks to
intern court reporters. I've known and worked with Kathie for 20-plus years in her well-respected and successful court reporting business in Seattle. Beyond the rigors of running a business, reporting, and personal life, she always managed to remember the reporting student when they finally reached that moment and became interns. Kathie learned over the years that  interns, although good writers, were not necessarily instructed on the do's and don’ts of what it takes to be a good
reporter.  She's taken her years of experience and consolidated it into a
fun book that can help guide you in your successful career as a court reporter.

Richard A. LaDuke 


Kathie Brodie is a well known, highly respected court reporter with whom I have had the immense pleasure to work on projects, serve jointly on committees, and co-author articles in the past.  I am sure that whatever she chooses to publish in the field of court reporting to help those newbies entering the profession will be quite helpful and cover areas that aren’t necessarily taught in school settings. She takes pride in her profession as is evident with the people she associates with and the professionals that work for her firm.

I personally look forward to her newest publication and I am sure that even an old workhorse like me will find something new and interesting as well as challenging me to take a hard look at where I am today and where I could potentially be tomorrow. Good reading to you all.

Roger Flygare, CCR



Court reporting is a world of words, with perfection, punctuation, and personalities scattered liberally throughout, and frequent moments of panic interspersed. It is the job of the court reporter to capture, verbatim, the words spoken in legal and other venues, irrespective of accents, lightning speed, raised voices, acoustics, etc. But how does one stay calm and professional through all that? Experience is the best teacher. Internship is the best way to get experience when you are in school, picking up some of the wealth of experience provided by your mentoring reporter.
Kathie Brodie’s book is a comprehensive guide on how to find a mentor, how to act as an intern, and how to get the most out of the experience and then apply it to yourself and your goals. It will make you think and it gives great tips on the internship process.
I have known Kathie for both of our 30+ years of reporting. She is a valued friend, colleague, and I have great respect for her. Kathie has been a mentor to many court reporting interns and has spent countless hours answering questions and providing advice in order to make those interns part of our respected profession.

Sharon M. Smith, CCR, RPR (ret)