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Welcome to the website of the Court Reporting Intern Book. The best resource for individuals breaking into the Court Reporting world. Buy it as a gift for your grad, or for yourself as the best way to start your new career!

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CONTACT: Kathie Brodie at 206.546.8266 (days)
1415 N. 200th Street
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At the Spring Seminar,
Court Reporting Students pass speed tests
in a Trance

Before you take the State Qualifying Test, you go through
an internship program.  Is it worth anything?


SHORELINE, Washington  -- April 20, 2009 – Can you ever be too prepared to work with attorneys and judges?  How do you handle the foreign-accented mumbler witness who is chewing gum and coughing?  Kathie Brodie, kick-off speaker at the Washington State Court Reporter Spring Seminar held at Green River Community College on May 16, 2009, will give you real-life examples of how to deal with difficult witnesses and challenging attorneys, and will share some of the 50 ways to have a successful internship and career, as found in her book, the Court Reporting Intern Book.  Make all the mistakes you can during this internship program when you are not responsible for the record.  It is a time for you to learn everything you can and she will share things like what to wear, how to act, what equipment you need, who is in charge, and how to set up your books for the self-employed subcontractor.

Are you worried that you will never get to your dream job of being a court reporter?  Are you stuck at a speed plateau in school?  Then this seminar is for you.  In addition to being a court reporter, Kathie Brodie is also a Consulting Hypnotist who will do a group hypnosis session right there at the Spring seminar during her presentation.  You will experience first hand how it feels to blast through test anxiety and take back control of your life, how to change your attitude and look forward to tests and then expect and accept success. 

Come to the Spring Seminar and be entertained while you learn what you deserve to get out of your internship, and then let go of test anxiety while you are in a relaxed altered state.  You’ve been doing it the hard way, now pass your tests the easy way.

Kathie Brodie, a court reporting firm owner (Treece, Shirley & Brodie) and reporter for 34 years,  is successfully using hypnosis to help students pass tests.  She wants you to succeed!  Kathie wrote her book to help you get the most out of your internship experience and it is the basis for many school programs that will help you launch a successful career as a court reporter.  

The book is $18.97 plus tax and s/h at the website below.  It can also be downloaded as an audio CD and an ebook at

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