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Welcome to the website of the Court Reporting Intern Book. The best resource for individuals breaking into the Court Reporting world. Buy it as a gift for your grad, or for yourself as the best way to start your new career!

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About the Author:
Kathie Brodie C.C.R.

Kathie Brodie has been a respected Certified Court Reporter for over three decades.  She grew up entrenched in the legal world, because both her father and grandfather were attorneys – She remembers her father telling her from an early age, “A court reporter will always have work.”  She decided to become a court reporter in her early twenties, which started her on this life-long journey.  She is a founding member and the managing partner for Seattle-based court reporting firm, Treece, Shirley & Brodie; which was founded in 1975.  She has operated not only working on her own as a court reporter, but also has successfully helped the many interns that have come through her firm through the years to integrate into the court reporting industry.

She began her career just like the targets of this book – as a Court Reporter Intern.  The more deeply she got into the world of court reporting, the more she began to realize that they really don’t teach you everything you need to know in School.  There are always better, more efficient ways to take notes, produce transcripts, communicate with clients and everything else involved with court reporting as a career.  She realized that if she had known which habits were productive and which were unhelpful earlier – she could have changed them more easily to create a more smooth transition for herself into the professional court-reporting world.  It was these personal experiences, her decades of practice and helping many interns start their careers that led her to write this book; to help people new to the career to find their place more easily and hopefully, help them to not have to learn the hard way like Kathie did.  She also wrote this book for those experienced court reporters who wish to improve their skills and habits; she understands the frustration of feeling like there must be a better way to do something… With this book, she hopes to help you find that better way.